Zettai Ryouiki – The Absolute Territory


What was once a strictly non sexual term originated in Neon Genesis Evangelion (Absolute Terror Field) ,  is now a blood-boiling erotic fetish taken from the anime and manga, bringing with clear moe attributes to the real life through the most sexy and erotic army of white skinned Japanese girls, sexy cosplayers without fear of revealing a lot more than inner thigh, or even some regular Japanese schoolgirls (Joshikousei – “a female high school student”) and teens, with the courage and sheer sex appeal to were this erotic Asian fashion to the Tokyo streets and schools showing off without knowing  their innocent  sexuality.

The absolute Zone

Sexy Asian Net Stockings

The magnificence of the Zettai Ryouiki begins with the pale skin of most Asian girls and particularly from Japanese girls as you will see in the deliciously graphical examples to come over time. This milk white nude skin is the glow between the miniskirt (and in some cases micro skirts) and the overknee socks or thighhigh panties. This naked portion of a girls upper uncovered thigh is what we call the absolute territory, Zettai Ryouiki.

Male Gaze Magnet

Asian Maid Stockings

If we think about it, this fetish fashion has been in anime, manga, and others ecchi and moe Japanese culture elements, but it is only now that this phenomenon is starting to become obvious and well known among followers. Think about it as hidden beauty empowered by our imagination and own sexual thoughts, thoughts about what could lie above or below the little peek preview that we can scrutinize and be pleased with, such as what would happen with a half-unbuttoned (or half-buttoned if you prefer) blouse, a wet t-shirt in a busty cute Asian girl or a semi transparent dress or garnet. That is the psychological principle beneath our most obscure and primitive temptations, such as the ZettaiRyouiki.

A bait for Erotic curiousness

Asian Maid Zettai Ryouichi

Currently the most popular fetish in Japan is all but hard to understand. Imagine a unintentional glance of an area so close to the nude thigh and blissfully positioned in front of to the inseam without letting you do anything but picture what lies underneath  the conservative conceal granted by a high color contrast (of the usual dark skirt and thighhighs) granted to the entrancing parts. The power of the Absolute Zone is a bait for curiousness and fantasy that applied to a beautiful Asian Girl with all their apparent innocence cannot result in anything less than a perfect mixture between bliss and lust.

We are here now. Ready-Up! The best of the Absolute Zone is yet to come.